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McKinney Child Care: Three Things to Know about an Infant’s Teething

Posted on 11-26-2014


One of the most challenging aspects of child care is when an infant begins teething. Obviously, teething happens before you can see any physical signs of teeth. During these months, your child endures a lot of pain and discomfort as the baby teeth start to make their way through the gums. The information below lists three reminders for parents to consider during this period of child development.

Reducing the stress of your infant’s teething

One reminder about teething is that your baby is experiencing more pain and stress than the crying is causing you. While you may be familiar with teething issues, you may still have a tough time dealing with your infant during this time. One important fact about infant care is to remain calm and administer soothing remedies. This type of support lessens the teething ordeal.

Lessening the pain of teething

One way to lessen an infant’s pain is by wrapping an ice cube in a clean, soft dish towel and moving the cube around the teething site. Rubbing your child’s gums with a clean finger or a chilled teething ring also soothes the gums. Alternatively, you can ask your pediatrician or pharmacist for products which are specifically designed to lessen teething pain.

Drooling and facial rashes resulting from teething

Facial rashes are very common when it comes to teething because your child will drool a lot. Keep the face dry by wiping the drool away with a clean, soft cloth. Use a product like petroleum jelly around the chin and cheek area to protect the sensitive skin from irritation.

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